Thursday, December 18, 2008

Where`s the spirit of christmas?

It`s 6 days to go before the celebration of the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ, yet I can`t feel the spirit of christmas. Why? I live alone in our company-owned residential property in Quezon City. The place is near Cubao where business and commercial establishments are scattered everywhere. Malls, theaters, supermarkets, department stores and fastfood chains are full of people who love shopping(window shopping) with their friends or loved ones. Wherever you go, you can see lovers holding hands, old ladies with their grocery bags full of grocery items bought from different supermarkets like SM, Ali Mall or Gateway Mall. At your right, there is a Police Officer holding a cell phone so busy texting to his wife or other woman or girlfriend. A tension between an MMDA Officer with the traffic violator and a lot of vendors in the side walk along Aurora Boulevard some are offering or selling extra service or sex service at a lower price.